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About me


I'm 30 years old. I graduated department of the . I have two pretty nice daughters, twins.

My work

My experience is based on information techonoly area. My first job experience was at IT-magazine's editorial staff, where I started to write something. Then, successively I worked at IT-departments of software development companies as programmer and system analyst. Currently I work at “IBS Ltd” company on IT-consultant position.

Most projects I participated in were based on C++, Object Pascal and PHP developing tools.

My interests

Behind the IT-area I have interests also in photography, bike (MTB), and Hi-Fi equipment.

My e-mail addresses



I'd like to thank authors of free software that I use almost every day:

Internet navigator (Mozilla)
E-mail client (Mozilla)
Instant-message service client (Ilham Zyulkorneyev)
Image viewer (Andrew Lu)
Audio player (Artem Izmaylov)
PDF-documents reader , which is significally faster than original Adobe Reader (Foxit Software)
Powerfull text edit utility with context highlight and processing (Don Ho)
Hardware performance management utility (Manfred Jaider)
Ultimate DVD Dual Layer (DVD9) burning utility (Lightning UK!)
HTTP-service (Apache Software Foundation)
Script translator for web development (PHP community)
FTP-client and FTP-service (Tim Kosse)
library (Nigel McNie)

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